Front-End Developer

Hello! I'm Edgar Espinoza

I craft beautiful, user-friendly websites and apps by blending the latest technologies with UX design principles.

About me

Product Oriented Web Developer

I believe that every line of code should have a greater purpose: delivering maximum value to the end user while achieving business goals.

Edgar Espinoza
+34 613 52 3930
B.S. in Business Administration
Valencia, Spain
Eligible to work in the EU
Spanish - English.

My Services

Web Design

I value simple content structure, clean design patterns, and careful interactions.

Web Development

I love to code websites from scratch, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser.

App Development

I enjoy using the latest JavaScript frameworks and libraries to create dynamic web apps.

Latest Projects

Here's a sample of my work, both professional and personal

next js


A fully responsive landing page built with Next.js 14, Tailwind, and shadcn/ui.

next js

Portfolio Website

A fully responsive portfolio website built with Next.js 14, Tailwind, and Framer Motion.

next js

Country Search App

A REST API-powered web app built with Next.js 14.


Fun-facts Calculator

An API-powered calculator that enables users to discover interesting facts about numbers.

Let’s build something great together